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The House of Tudor Story.

I was born and raised in England by loving parents in a home filled with knick-knacks, many of which were collected on our various travels, each a lovely memory of our adventures. My mom had an amazing ability to see “the bigger picture” and luckily, she seems to have passed the ability to see the potential in things on to me.

I love that every piece of pre-owned furniture, ornament or art has a story to tell and I have a great passion for finding the perfect piece to make someone’s home décor dreams come true!
I’ve owned, renovated and sold many homes in the U.K. and after I lost both of my parents to cancer in a relatively short period of time, I decided it was time to start bringing my own dreams to life, which consequently saw our family moving to Canada and now, opening this business.
For years my family and friends have told me I have a knack for all things related to home décor and their love and support has encouraged me to make this particular dream become a reality.

My aim is to fill House of Tudor with quality brands and a variety of products so that there is something to appeal to everyone. I hope that here you will find a fantastic mix of modern and vintage treasures and quality pieces of furniture that are affordable to everyone! I also hope you’ll feel welcome here to browse and tell me your story!

Joanne Tudor-Stephens